Lake Lugano, Switzerland


After thorough research and analysis of King’s Cross and its’ residential twin, Somers Town, on my course, I came across something which surprised me quite a lot. It turns out that Stanton Williams, who built and renovated Central St Martins and some of the surrounding environments, actually built one of my favourite ever private residential properties.

Casa Fontana sits on a typical, picturesque alpine mountainside in Lugano, Switzerland. It is a sophisticated depiction of modern day life, through its Modernist style and Bauhaus-esque window frames. Utilitarian and beautiful, efficient but exuberant, functional yet meticulous.

The house is set into the mountain like a jigsaw puzzle, not flowing but not ugly. The views are controlled with large panoramas in communal areas and smaller openings in more intimate rooms. The lighting throughout the house adds an air of warm atmosphere for those cold nights overlooking Lake Lugano.

Traditional materials such as travertino stone, white oak and teak weather over time, allowing the house to blend into the landscape. The weathering is accelerated by a layer of patina that forms over copper, stone, bronze and similar metals.

I guess my favourite characteristic of this build is the beautiful pool outside, flanked by white stone walls and exotic greenery. All in all, I need to live here one day.