King’s Cross, London


For the past month it has seemed like I have spent my life in King’s Cross and it’s surrounding areas. The constant regeneration of the, otherwise dystopian-like region of London, is bringing new benefits and efficiency to the students, office workers and tourists who help to grow the area economically and culturally. One characteristic, which is brand new in it’s concept and materialistic beauty, standing out to me is ‘The Tunnel’.

Those destined to explore the nooks and crannies of London can find themselves gliding down the ‘rabbit hole’ of King’s Cross at One Pancras Square, a shiny, glass fronted office block. You are welcomed with fresh, white tiles and glowing LED escalators and, furthermore plunged into this 90m walkway-turned-work-of-art.
The canopy and floor are directed in such a way that you are immediately drawn to the 4 distinct sections of the LED wall. Illuminated with LEDs and taste, the wall was designed by Speirs + Major with technical delivery by The Light Lab.

I found it soothing to walk through this haze of colour and form in the morning and it made me feel less alone when walking through after a long evening at university. It totally epitomises the spirit of London and is a big “Fuck you!” to those who said the King’s Cross regeneration would never work.